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I'm a Service Designer with a curiosity and eagerness that is unstoppable. This is a true calling and I will passionately work towards learning and becoming a better designer that cares about the services that is being built. I learnt about Service Design during my first Global Service Jam and everything I look at now is with a different lens. 

Whether it be work or life experiences, everything has facilitated the transition to this career an easier one. I was born in India, grew up in Washington D.C., worked in California, and my current location is in Bangalore, India. This isn't the end of the road, I truly believe in the saying "the world is my oyster." Travelling around the world has taught me to explore and be curious. Meeting different people and working in diversified environments across the globe has taught me to be adaptable, taught me to look at things from different perspectives, and pushed me beyond my own boxed boundaries.

I'm looking forward to contributing to a company that believes deeply in design to be able to make a positive and sustainable impact on the planet. 

My interests.

Social Media

Humans are complicated beings and we need to design better especially in regards to the safety of young children and the relationship to mental health issues that are on the increase.

Climate Change

This isn't a choice anymore to act upon the issue. We all need to do better to protect the planet and make an impact. I'm constantly reading and following articles on how I can contribute better to ensure to a better future.

Health Care

Every life is important and it should be provided equally to everyone. There are no excuses for us anymore with the amount of technology that's available and the endless possibilities with global collaboration.


Every individual is unique and we need to embrace the individualism from the start of the education system. There are kids that are struggling throughout the system not being aware of their skills.

Fun & Play.


To say that I love travelling and experiencing various cultures is an understatement. I have 140 countries that I would like to travel to and I have been to 14. I'm not sure if I'll be able to experience all of them but I will make an effort to reach as many as I can.

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