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Community Involvement - Pay it Forward

Workshop facilitation

UN Facilitation - Design Dream Lab is currently collaborating with UN Women on future of knowledge sharing platform - particularly focusing on ending violence against women. A group of volunteers from all walks of life, including myself, have been meeting using our Design thinking/life centered design from March to be able to reimagine possibilities. Our end goal is to be able to provide a prototype to the UN by mid-June.

Book club

This was initiated by me to be able to consistently read Service Design books and discuss with fellow Service Designers in the community. We are a team of 3 people who meet every two weeks to discuss theories and methodologies. Current reading material - This is Service Design Thinking and the next one is This is Service Design Doing.

Mentoring - Sharing is caring

Learning club

Keeping up with the Strategies - A team of designers who meet every two weeks to discuss the current issues in their respective careers to generate ideas on how to resolve them. We have various topics for each week that's decided in every meeting. Our upcoming topics will include ethics around user research and sharing insights, improving frameworks for efficient research synthesis, and creating structured workshops to facilitate better.

Social impact

Climate Jungle - This is a community of designers working on how to explore taking climate action through play. We are currently in ideation phase getting our initiatives and tasks in order. I'm a core team member, who is actively involved in creating a service design journey for the onboarding of volunteer recruitment, landing page of the community, and event planning for the public jams.

Times Change -

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